My first experience as a „DSD Leader“

DSD – Discover Scuba Diving is a PADI Program for people who want to try diving without signing in for the whole Open Water Course.

As a Divemaster you can make an extra certification to become a DSD Leader. A DSD Leader can supervise the DSD students without the supervision of an Instructor.

Experienced Instructors always told me that the Discover Scuba Diving Course is very fulfilling for the guest as well as for the leader. The Happyness and excitement in the face of a first time diver let you forget all the struggles you might have during the day. After the first few DSD students I can say it’s true, at least most of the time.

In our Dive Center the DSD Program starts in the morning at 7:45. The Students will watch the PADI  DSD Video and answer a little knowledge review, afterwards they discuss the questions and the content of the video with the Instructor/DSD Leader. Then everyone continues to the Boat and we take off to the first dive site.

The first dive contains some basic exercise to see if the students are able to breath under water and maintain their buoyancy on a basic level. Some students are very active from the first second. One girl that I guided chased all the fishes and turtles so I needed to chase after her to make her stay on the same depth. She was so happy and excited, of course she continued the Open Water Course. Most of my guest were like that, some more scared and carefully and some very excited. But then I also had a different student. He agreed to everything I explained him but once in the water he didn’t follow any of my instructions. At first I thought that’s ok, maybe he forgot so I explained him again what to do. He complained and told me he did the DSD somewhere else beforehand where they didn’t give him fins and didn’t explain him How the BCD works. Instead they just clamp him under and pulled him through the water so he could just enjoy the view. I explained him that this is not how we do it, we want the students to understand what they are doing. In the end he was really upset, so on the second dive I just grabbed him on the tank and pulled him through the dive site as he expected it.

A few days later I travelled to a different island and stayed in a dive resort. At the beach I saw more than 50 people in dive equipment, they were guest from another dive center. I asked my Instructor how they handle so many people in one group. His answer was: “They do Tea-Bag-Diving”, I looked quizzical. He then continued: “These people only come here for an underwater selfie, they are not really interested in diving. We call it Tea-Bag-Diving because the Instructors dip them into the water like a Tea Bag and do a selfie with them, then they get out again and take the next one”

I was wondering if that was the Dive Center where my previous guest was diving before.

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